Last week, mustache-stroking corporatist sloganeer Thomas Friedman used his immensely valuable column space in the New York Times to write a love letter to a company run by his daughter's college roommate. Could Thomas Friedman possibly top that for sheer laziness and nepotistic indulgence? But of course.

Yesterday, this motherfucker wrote another column all about his daughter's college roommate's company. For those keeping track at home, prominent New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has now written two (2) newspaper columns about a company— a start-up company, not a "real" company— founded and run by his daughter's college roommate. One column praising a company started by your daughter's college roommate could be written off as simple sloth, in the case of a better columnist; or, in Thomas Friedman's case, as just more proof of his fundamental hackdom. But two (2) columns, totaling at least hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free advertising, praising your daughter's college roommate's company... well, that is the sort of purposeful sneer at the concepts of fairness and journalistic curiosity that only a man completely lacking in ideas could be brazen enough to try.

We should also point out that, in yesterday's column, Thomas Friedman did not bother to disclose the fact that Eleonora Sharef is his daughter's college roommate.

So, when you go back and read Thomas Friedman's perfidious newspaper column published last weekend, be sure to mentally insert the phrase "my daughter's college roommate" before every mention of Sharef's name. This will help you to keep this column's journalistic value in perspective. Also, please remember at all times that Thomas Friedman is paid far, far more money than you, and that he has the ear of powerful corporate leaders around the world.

Thomas Friedman's daughter's college roommate Eleonora Sharef's business, by the way, "specializes in matching job seekers with job creators." Remember, struggling unemployed young graduates: a good way to get your name out there is to be Thomas Friedman's daughter's college roommate. Try it.

[NYT. Photo: Getty]