NelkFilmz is run by a group of young men that resemble an unkempt boy band on the cusp of being discovered for a Nickelodeon series. They film themselves "pranking" people. Their latest sick goof? Selling "coke" out of their car in Los Angeles.

In the clip, the guys are seen trying to sell "coke" out of their SUV at Venice Beach. Police soon arrived at the scene, and the group feigned nervousness to arouse cops' suspicions. Eventually, one pretends to crack.

"I can't do this. We have a bunch of Coke in the back," one confesses. "I'm sorry."

Police handcuff the boys, still pretending to be up to something nefarious. Then cops pop the trunk to find...Coca-Colas. Haha!

The officers involved in the group's stunt mostly seemed amused by the whole thing; LAPD brass, not so much.

"Remember that it is against the law to make a false report," the Los Angeles Police Department's Rampart Division said Wednesday on Twitter. "The time taken to respond to this takes away from calls where there's an actual need for police resources."

The NelkFilmz crew is pretty pleased with themselves for their viral success. Their social media accounts are rife with celebratory updates.

"We pissed off the LAPD and made US NATIONAL News! Decent week for us haha!" they posted to their Facebook page.

Seem like pretty cool guys.