On Wednesday, a semi-truck described by multiple outlets as being “full of sharks” crashed in Volusia County, Florida, ejecting one of the fish and killing it, WESH reports.

According to WFTV, all of the sandbar sharks on board were five feet long or larger and were headed to an aquarium in New York before the truck ran off the road. From WESH:

“(The) tire blew out and we ended up in the ditch here,” said passenger Frank Young, who walked away without a scratch, along with two other people inside the truck. “Accidents happen. We’re just glad everyone is OK,” Young said.

SeaWorld personnel were dispatched to the scene to transfer the surviving sharks to the company’s Orlando care facility.

“They’re in good condition,” SeaWorld employee Jim Kinsler told WESH. “Nothing different from normal transport stress.”

[Image via News 13]