A trucker who crashed into three police cars and two trucks, killing an Arizona public safety officer, was on Facebook at the time of the crash, and had used his phone to watch YouTube and look up female escort web pages, porn sites and social networks while driving on other occasions.

Trucker Jorge Espinoza was driving 65 miles per hour on an Arizona interstate on cruise control when he hit and killed Officer Tim Huffman. At the time, he told investigators he didn't see the police cars and trucks because he was looking in his mirror at a passing truck.

But the Arizona Daily Star obtained the investigative report which found that Espinoza was on Facebook on his phone at the time of the impact, looking at "photographs of several women in provocative positions, wearing little clothing," "photographs of a woman in a low cut dress," and photos of a man "smoking something."

A dashboard camera also appears to show his white Samsung Galaxy 3 phone fly out of his hand, despite Espinoza's previous attempt to cover the camera with his wallet.

Espinoza has been charged with 20 felonies, including second-degree murder.

[image via YouTube]