A toddler strapped into its stroller rolled off the platform and onto the subway tracks at the Archer Avenue station in Jamaica, Queens this morning.

The child's mother, who had stepped away momentarily to throw away some trash, quickly jumped down onto the tracks, spraining her ankle. According to the New York Daily News, a maintenance worker was able to hop down and help save the two before any trains came barreling down the tracks.

"The mother was throwing out a bottle in garbage, and she didn't put brakes on stroller, and carriage went back," Diane, the subway cleaner who helped the mother and child, told CBS New York:

Other Good Samaritans joined in afterward. An official with the Transit Workers' Union said Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers took steps to stop the next train — using flashlights.

"And they stopped the train operator while he was proceeding into Parsons and Archer," said union vice president Nelson Rivera.

Fire officials told NBC New York that the child was taken to the hospital with minor bruises.

[H/T Daily Intel // Image via NY Daily News]