Some students and motorists became stranded after a 102-year-old water main broke near the UCLA campus. A geyser has erupted in the middle of Sunset Boulevard, flooding surrounding streets with rapid water and mud. NBC Los Angeles is reporting that the water is knee-deep in some areas of the campus.

"People are standing in the water almost out of a sense of amusement," Brian Humphrey from the Los Angeles Fire Department told KTLA. "It doesn't take much more than an ankle depth of water to sweep somebody into harm's way, so we're hoping to get UCLA campus officials to move people here away...from this very dramatic cascade of water."

CBS News reports that it's still unclear what caused the water main to break. The flooding comes as California faces extreme drought—the state just imposed a $500 a day fine for water conservation infractions.

Update, 11:30 p.m.: The Los Angeles Times reports that the main has been shut off and that between eight and 10 million gallons of water flooded the area.

[Image via KTLA]