It's OK, they left a note: Arizona State University student and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity member Aidan Mohr was found passed out outside Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital last Saturday afternoon having been dumped there by his frat bros with a Post-it note attached to his body explaining the situation.

The 20-year-old had been drinking with his friends to celebrate the end of the semester when someone suggested a shot-drinking contest.

By the competition's conclusion, Mohr had consumed some 20 shots of tequila and his BAC was .471%.

Possibility of death starts at .30%.

When Mohr lost consciousness, his frat buddies decided something needed to be done, but they couldn't decide what. Did he need to sleep it off or go to the hospital?

They brought Mohr to a friend's house where they were informed that, yes, he did indeed require immediate medical attention.

Not wanting to be too responsible, they agreed to drive him to Tempe St. Luke’s and leave him outside in a wheelchair with a note attached explaining the drinking contest.

They also provided a number to call in case, you know, whatever.

"He was turning blue in the wheelchair and he was... having difficulties breathing," said Tempe Police Department spokesman Sgt. Mike Pooley. "The emergency room staff treat him very quickly, they’re able to get him checked out and they’re able to actually save his life."

Good thing for the frat bros, Pooley added, because had Mohr died, they might actually face consequences.

With Mohr expected to recover, he and his friends will likely be cited for alcohol violations but that's about it.

"He’s lucky that there were at least a few individuals that were there that cared enough to take bring him to get medical attention," said Sgt. Pooley.

[screengrab via MyFoxPhoenix]