Illinois police literally sniffed out a drug dealing restaurant owner this week after one of his relatives sold undercover officers heroin and guns that reeked of barbecue sauce.

Terrell Howard, who owns SmokeHouse BBQ in Silvis, is accused of manufacturing and distributing 15-100 grams of cocaine and 10-30 grams of marijuana.

Police had been following Howard's relative, Darrius Martin, who had recently been released from prison. Martin then met up with undercover officers, offering to sell them heroin and guns.

When the time came, the officers watched Martin enter SmokeHouse and exit with the package, further observing that the drugs and weapons "smelled like barbecue."

That smell helped them to get search warrants for SmokeHouse and Howard's home, where they discovered "dealer amounts of cocaine" and marijuana.

Howard is still in prison on a $100,000 bail and according to the Quad City Times, SmokeHouse appears to have been shut down.

[h/t Grubstreet, image via Shutterstock]