Traveling means inevitably forgetting something at home, but America's most hated airline, United, took it to another level this week.

United — which, for some unknown reason, is consistently ranked dead-last among airlines in the American Customer Service Index — casually forgot toilet paper on a 10-hour flight from San Francisco to London. Flight attendants instead stocked the restrooms with cocktail napkins that advised passengers to "Fly By The Tips Of Your Fingers".

Though airline employees are famous for having a sense of humor, the flight attendants weren't kidding when they told passengers to try to use materials in their carry-ons. United later apologized for the "inconvenience," and apparently explained that they were concerned that the flight would have been (more?) delayed had they stopped to restock.

Meanwhile, Southwest accidentally canceled 57 flights and temporarily grounded another 250 last night and this morning after a "computer glitch".

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