Recent Flint visitor Hillary Clinton really wants you to know that Hillary Clinton (who was recently in Flint) cares a lot about the fact that she was, quite recently, in Flint (Michigan). More specifically, she wants you to know that she was not off mugging it up for SNL like some other candidates we know.

Speaking at a Dunkin’ Donuts, Clinton was ostensibly trying to assure potential voters that her detour to Flint didn’t mean she was giving up on New Hampshire entirely—where she is, incidentally, doing very, very poorly.

As she told The LA Times, “Occasionally you go off the campaign trail. I know Sen. Sanders went to New York to be on ‘SNL,’ and I’m going to Flint to see if we can help with the kids. That’s part of it. But my commitment to this primary and to this state is absolutely rock solid.”

The supposedly off-the-cuff remark sounds an awful lot like a premeditated jab meant to contrast her own, selfless use of human props against visions of Bernie off galavanting in New York City. Except that, if you’ll recall, Hillary was on SNL herself just over a month ago. A month ago!

Anyway, let’s see what our serious humanitarian candidate is up to today.

It’s selfie time.

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