Just a month ago, the Forever Lock—a complex and supposedly "unpickable" bicycle U-lock—spread across the internet to an unbelievable amount of hype. Here's a video of a man picking it.

Although the lock's design hides its keyway (making it impervious to picking by your traditional rakes, hooks, balls, and diamonds) the guy in this video solved that problem by making a bump key that seems to fit any Forever Lock.

In case it's not clear what he's doing here, the bump key works by inserting partway and then banging on the lock. This causes the tumblers inside to "jump," creating a window of opportunity to open the lock with a little rotation.

It's not the worst problem a theft deterrent can have—a thief would have to be pretty dedicated to make one of these keys for a lock that isn't particularly common yet, and the majority of bike snatchers prey on cheaper cable locks with brute force.

Still, it's probably best not to call your lock unpickable when it's not in the small percentage that are immune to bumping.

[H/T Reddit]