A postal worker in Bellevue, Wash. allegedly went on a hysterical rampage on Friday morning that resulted in hitting a town resident with her truck not once, not twice, but three times, all while laughing hysterically.

The USPS worker was reportedly yelling obscenities at someone outside of a local elementary school when a town resident looked on, horrified. When the unidentified person attempted to photograph the scene, the postal worker then took matters one step further and drove her truck into the person's legs. When the resident nearly fell, the postal worker did it again, and then one more time for good measure.

Via The Seattle Times:

The resident staggered back and the driver struck the resident's leg two more times.

According to the resident, the postal worker was "laughing hysterically" as she drove forward.

The postal worker was then taken into custody and questioned by officials. No reports on the unidentified person's injuries have been released.

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