V Stiviano launched a thousand lawsuits when she leaked audio of boyfriend and disgraced former Clippers owner Donald Sterling being racist on tape . But she couldn't win the big one, filed by Sterling's wife, demanding she return the expensive gifts he gave her during their extramarital relationship.

According to the AP, Sterling gave Stiviano close to $3 million in real estate, stocks, and luxury cars (including a Ferrari)—gifts purchased with money that Sterling's wife, Shelly, successfully argued wasn't his to give away.

In California, community property—generally, assets earned during the marriage—may not be given as gifts or otherwise disposed of for less than their fair value without spousal consent, which, it's fair to assume, Sterling absolutely did not have.

Now Stiviano reportedly owes $2.6 million to Shelly—who is, against all odds, still legally married to Sterling. Not a bad cherry on top for Shelly, who also negotiated the $2 billion Clippers sale after she had her husband declared mentally incapacitated.

Seems like an all-around victory for the scorned wife. But there's still one thing she can never take away from V: that incredible visor game .

[image via AP]

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