A fight over a mall parking spot ended rather badly when one of the men suddenly decided the best way to resolve things was to destroy everything in sight.

There's not a lot of context for the video, which was posted on YouTube Wednesday. But the drivers had evidently been arguing over the parking spot for some time before things boiled over.

Eventually the spurned driver seemed to give up, jumped into his car and started to leave—until he suddenly slammed into reverse, ramming the other driver's SUV. Both cars appear to lose a door in the impact, and the other driver and his passenger were both almost run over in the melee.

It's not clear what happened to either driver after the video ends, and this guy could very well be back out on the road. So if you happen to see an angry-looking fellow cruising the streets in a three-door station wagon, maybe uh, just give him the right of way.


A commenter points out that a link to a longer version of the video shows the man was eventually apprehended by mall security.

[h/t Uproxx]