Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), who is challenging conservative Sen. John Cornyn in a primary because Corny's too librul, evidently doesn't know much about gun-cleaning, or buying American.

Stockman loves guns, as evinced by his campaign bumper sticker: "If babies had guns they wouldn't be aborted." So it isn't terribly surprising that he'd try to troll ideological foes with the photo above, posted to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. "The best gun lubricant around," he writes of a lube can labeled "Liberal Tears."

Har har! Of course, he's joking. You'd never clean your gun with salty water, unless you want it to rust and jam. But even WD-40 is pretty stupid, as one commenter on Stockman's Facebook page points out: "Why would you spray lubricant on the recoil spring of an AK-47? That would only serve to attract dirt."

AK-47? As in the Kalashnikov rifle, that ubiquitous Russian-made weapon of choice for the very sort of communist rebels Stockman despises? Indeed, that picture appears to show the lower receiver of a semiautomatic AK variant. There are a very few American-made versions of the rifle, because gun wahoos love anything tough-looking and military-ish, but even on the weak assumption that this is a U.S.-made AK, that's sort of like saying a burrito is American cuisine because, hey, you bought it at Moe's.

Anyway, good joke, Steve. By the way, here's some pictures of what AK-47s do to living flesh.

[Photo credit: American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons]

[Photo credit: Orthopedics]

[Photo credit: Vice]