An unidentified man who could have proudly responded "yes" to the question "is that a $2 million check in your pocket" is probably very unhappy today after having that check stolen from him on the subway.

The wallet, which also contained the man's California driver's license and some credit cards was found jammed between two doors on a Madrid Metro train by a maintenance worker.

After the train was rerouted to a maintenance yard over complaints that two doors weren't closing properly, a worker inspecting the car quickly identified the obstruction: A brown leather wallet with a $2 million Bank of America check post-dated to January 2014 stuffed inside.

"We have his name. We're trying to locate this person," a National Police spokesman told CNN. "We won't just hand it over. We have to verify that the origin of the money is not illicit."

Police believe the man's wallet was stolen from him, but that the thief overlooked the check before tossing the wallet away.

"It's amazing that there are people who have so much money and others so little," said maintenance shift manager José Manuel del Cura. "The goods of the world are very badly distributed."