A man who was wanted for stealing a car and shoplifting in Monroe County, Tenn. was discovered inside the dark closet of another person's house, casually eating a big bowl of salad, WRCB3 reports.

Deputy officer Dillon Presswood, who arrested 54-year-old Timothy Black, said that he got word the criminal was hiding out at the house and acquired several warrants for his arrest. What he didn't expect was to find him secreted away and staying healthy:

Presswood got permission to go inside and look around. Once he found Black enjoying his salad in a dark closet, he told the suspect to put his hands in the air. Black did — his fork in one hand and salad bowl in the other.

"He was able to finally get (Black) to put the fork down, because that could potentially be used as a weapon," said Guy. "And I guess a salad could, too," he laughed.

Black was arrested on the spot and made to abandon his feast of greens. He is in McMinn County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

[Image via Shutterstock]