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Before we get down to business, here is a TL;DR version of this post:

On today’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg (and some of her fellow panelists) pummeled presidential candidate-turned-Donald Trump-endorser Ben Carson for getting in bed with a racist. Carson framed his endorsement as a way to hit back at the establishment, which doesn’t appreciate “people who are not beholding to them, and people who are not controlling to them coming into Washington D.C.”

OK, but you’re black, Ben Carson, and you’re effectively co-signing racism.

“Well, you have to look at the good and the bad, and there’s no perfect person,” explained Carson, who went on to cite the inclusion of blacks and Jews at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, as evidence of Trump’s balanced racial politics. (He was actually just parroting a talking point that Trump himself trotted out earlier this month.)

“I have met a lot of his employees, including African Americans,” Carson explained further. “And they have nothing but good things to say. Somebody who’s hired as many people as he’s hired and you can find very few people who have anything negative to say...”

Wow, a fresh spin on a hot take: Donald Trump, you see, can’t be racist, for he has black employees.

Whoopi then launched into full-on rant about Trump’s racism that she punctuated with, “You’re Ben Carson! You’re so much better than this!” A rare miss for Goldberg.

Joy Behar pointed out that Trump compared Carson to a child molester. “If it were about me, I would be offended, but it’s about America, we have to save this nation,” said Carson, as the world around him shattered, and he found himself in a Christopher Guest mockumentary. When Behar called Trump a liar, Carson replied, “Tell me a politician who doesn’t tell lies.”

So vote Trump, because we live in a garbage can and those who thrive need to not just get used to the smell, but start loving it more than they love their favorite flowers, even.

Later, Carson said he didn’t condone Trump’s retweeting of a picture that mocked the appearance of Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi. “Implicit in endorsement is not an endorsement of anything that anybody has said or done throughout their lives,” he said, words flying from his mouth like the maggots you spit out when dining at the bottom of the garbage can.

Carson claimed that as a result of his endorsement, “nothing was promised, nor would I accept anything.” All this? It’s from the goodness of Carson’s heart. Regarding Trump’s more callous tactics, Carson said, “When you’re very nice, you’re very respectful, you talk about the real issues and not get into all these issues, where does it get you? It gets you where it got me: nowhere, OK?”

Not nowhere, Ben: You’re on The View. (He shares this distinction with another powerful man who’s going places, Gawker’s CEO Nick Denton who joined the panel after Carson’s two segments.)