Last month the members of One Direction decided to film themselves passing a joint around in Peru and today the world sees them for what they are: a group of twenty-year-olds getting high in the back of a van.

The five-minute clip, published by the Daily Mail, was apparently filmed on April 27 as the band traveled in a convoy led by a police escort to a 40,000-person venue in Lima, Peru.

The filmed conversation is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a group of stoned twenty-year-olds worth millions of dollars.

"It's green only, nig," band member Louis Tomlinson says off camera.

"I'm just wondering now, we're sitting here in Peru. Will this come back to me? Who knows? Maybe. Maybe not," he later ponders as an assistant gives him an update that he was able to arrange for "a full chicken" when the band arrives in Chile.

A spokesperson told reporters, "The matter is now in the hands of our lawyers."

[via Daily Mail]