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Ben Carson is currently in trouble for, at the very least, embellishing his life story, including a moment in which he says he attempted to stab his friend. Here is video of that pivotal incident, as depicted in the Cuba Gooding Jr.-starring straight-to-TV adaptation of Carson’s memoir, Gifted Hands.

The stabbing scene is immediately preceded by one in which Carson attempts to bash his mother’s head in with a hammer because she bought him the wrong kind of pants.

The interesting thing about the film’s portrayal of the stabbing is that it represents an extreme escalation of the story.

In Carson’s book, he says that he went to stab his friend Bob after Bob changed the dial on the radio they were listening to, but the blade of his knife struck Bob’s belt buckle and broke. In the movie, Carson’s character dramatically plunges his knife into Bob’s gut like something out of Oz.

In interviews, the film’s producer Dan Angel has said that Carson was intimately involved with the film, visiting the set in Detroit and guiding the film so its story was accurate. Said Angel, in an interview with The Daily Caller:

“He would be there every step of the way whenever we needed to talk to him about reality checks,” Angel said of Carson. “We would have Cuba Gooding Jr. on the phone with him. And he gave complete access to his life, which is really important.”

It’s impossible to know if Carson was consulted specifically about the stabbing, but Carson certainly hasn’t protested the portrayal.

Gifted Hands has a rating of 7.8/10 from 5,313 IMDB users.

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