It looks like Wayne Brady is going to have to choke a bitch after all.

Appearing on HuffPost Live yesterday, the living improv legend was asked about the time Bill Maher used him as the punchline to a joke about how President Obama is not a "real" black man.

"I’ve respected him as a comedian, and what he does on HBO is great," Brady told Marc Lamont Hill. "But when he starts to drag me in, to use me as the cultural linchpin of his 'not-black-enough argument,' that’s bullshit."

Brady went on to blast Maher for believing that he has direct access to the "black experience" because he's dated a few black women ("I've seen some of them; it's questionable if they were women," quipped Brady), and vowed to give him "that black dude" that's in his mind and "beat your ass in public."

Maher has yet to accept Brady's offer.