Does anyone want Carlos Danger, né Anthony Weiner, to stay in the New York City mayoral race? Bill DeBlasio doesn't (duh). The Daily News doesn't. The Times doesn't. Since Weiner admitted to sending sex messages to women even after he told everyone he'd stopped, the only people who still want him in the race are himself, and his wife.

Meanwhile BuzzFeeᴅ has identified a handful of social media accounts it believes belong to Weiner's sexting partner, who apparently goes by the name Sidney Leathers. The semi-outing of his Formspring buddy, who sent screenshots of her sexy chats with Weiner to the Scottsdale website The Dirty, came just an hour after Weiner's couldn't-look-away press conference.

And what a press conference! During his brief appearance in front of reporters, Weiner admitted that the images, presumably including the dick pic, were real, and his wife Huma Abedin read a statement saying she'd forgiven him. (For sexting.) We'd been warned, at any rate: After announcing his run for mayor in April, Weiner told NBC News that there were likely more sexts and pictures that would come out.

Yesterday's admission came exactly two years, one month and one week after he announced his resignation from congress over his previous sext scandal. (Andrew Breitbart, being dead, didn't show up to this one.)

Following an accidental crotch-shot tweet in late May 2011, several women came forward saying that Weiner, then a congressman, had sent (sometimes unsolicited) explicit photographs and messages to them. Within two weeks of the initial scandal breaking, actual Weiner dick pics were made public; by the end of June, Weiner resigned.