There is—if this overheard-in-a-taxi "@NYCTaxiCabTales" is to be believed—a video of "Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh danc[ing] Salsa all night" at a "private club on 5th Ave." If you are the security guy who has the tape, we'd love to watch it.

Update: MSNBC spokesperson emails:

Saw your Maddow-Limbaugh post. Sorry to spoil your fun, but no such dance occurred. Maybe you guys can donate the $1000 ransom to charity instead?

We would love to donate the $1,000 to the charity of The United Fund of People Who Have Good Videos of Celebrities Doing Funny Shit. Please contact us if you are affiliated with this organization.

Assuming its existence, we think this is just the kind of video the world should see: Two media figures setting aside partisanship and public debate in order to get down. And we're happy to put up some money to facilitate its publication. For a decently long, clearly shot video of Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow salsa dancing, we're willing to pay $1,000. Shoot me an email and let's talk:

While we're at it—we're always interested in seeing videos of noteworthy people doing newsworthy things, and we love to make friends with people who work in security or service at clubs and hotels. Email me at, or the tips line at, and we can talk more.