At long last, the music of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur comes to Broadway! If this is something you've been waiting for...first of all, who are you? Secondly, you might still be disappointed by what is essentially a one-man jukebox musical that takes about 20 2Pac songs and crams around them a story reminiscent of a variety of neo-blaxploitation movies.

All of those films were, at the very least, a lot more fun than Holler if Ya Hear Me, which is now playing at Broadway's Palace Theater. Last week, my colleague Jason Parham and I attended a preview show. Below, we'll go back and forth on our impressions of it. A kind word will be as rare as Pac's rose that grew from concrete.

And just to give you a sense of what 2Pac plus a Broadway orchestra plus jazz hands equals, here is the original cast recording of "California Love," the number that came as close to any to bringing down the house: