Director Wes Craven, creator of such horror classics as Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street, has died, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He was 76.

Variety reports the director died of brain cancer.

From THR:

His Freddy Krueger character horrified viewers and became an iconic horror character. He is credited with re-inventing the teen horror movie.

A blend of horror and morbid humor, the “Nightmare” movies were a box-office phenomenon. He claimed to have gotten the idea for Elm Street when living next to a cemetery on Elm Street when growing up in the Midwest.

Similarly, Craven’s Scream series was a box-office sensation. In those scare-’em-ups, he spoofed the teen horror genre: Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3 with Scream 4 set for 2010. The Scream movies frequently referenced other horror movies.

Craven was married three times, THR reports. He had two children, Jonathan and Jessica, with his first wife, Bonnie Broecker. He married Iya Labunk, his third marriage, in 2004.

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