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Arlene's Grocery is a longstanding Manhattan music venue that hosts a variety of rock and punk acts from around the country. It's also the employer of a "Hawaiian Asian monster," according to this tipster-supplied voicemail from an extremely shitfaced patron with a very important husband.

The only thing more desperate and unintentionally effacing than pulling DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? at a bar is DO YOU KNOW WHO MY HUSBAND IS? But this as of yet unidentified woman still gives it a shot, as you can hear in the recording above. It's hard to make complete sense of her story, but it seems she alleges to have been "thrown" onto the ground by an "Asian Hawaiian" (?) bartender, who also destroyed her iPhone, or something? On the other hand, she is clearly shit-housed and in 99.999% of cases like this, the bouncer is right. Given the fact that she refers to the bartender as a racial "degenerate" we're going to assume she was definitely in the wrong.

Wrong, but ready to act: "My husband is a real estate lawyer," she mentions. "Probably one of the biggest ones in New York City." She goes to on to clarify that the bar "fucked with some non-poor piece of shit...you fucked with a rich one who has the means to fucking destroy you."

If you think you might recognize the voice in this voicemail or her omnipotent real estate lawyer husband, let me know!