A Madison, Wisconsin business that plans to offer its clients private rooms with beds where they can snuggle with female staff members in exchange for cash is having trouble getting a permit from the city because officials aren't so sure it isn't a whore house.

The Snuggle House was supposed to launch this week, but the Grand Opening has been postponed until the city can ensure that no funny business will take place there.

"The city's primary concern is, we don't want a house of prostitution popping up," assistant city attorney Jennifer Zilavy told WKOW.

But Snuggle House assistant manager Emily Noon assures Zilavy the establishment's "cuddle therapy" is strictly non-sexual.

27 News notes that "cuddle therapy" isn't technically a real thing, and staffers at the Snuggle House receive no special training.

"We're just college students that know how important it is to have physical touch in our lives," said Noon, one of the business's five employees, four of whom are women, and all of whom are in their twenties. "There's so many people who don't have a significant other in their lives that just need to be held."

According to Noon, each of the "snuggle rooms" will be monitored with surveillance cameras and feature a panic button just in case.

An hour of snuggling will set customers back $60. Having the snuggler take up more than their share of the bed while pulling the blanket away from you and rolling up in it like a cocoon so you have to struggle to get a measly inch is extra.

[photo via Facebook]