The police report behind George Zimmerman's weekend domestic abuse arrest is out and it paints an incredibly depressing picture of life with one of the most reviled men in America.

Via the AP, officers began investigating Zimmerman Monday when they heard a shattering glass sound and observed Zimmerman's now ex-girlfriend—whose name was redacted from the report—driving away from his house. They pulled her over and she told them "that psycho George Zimmerman" had thrown a bottle at her, according to the report.

She explained that Zimmerman became angry after she told him she didn't want to take the relationship further, and they also argued over a painting she had that he wanted returned. Zimmerman made threats and threw the wine bottle, which didn't hit her, she said.

Detectives described her as "extremely emotional, crying, mad and upset" and said she became reluctant to cooperate when she realized that officers might be conducting an investigation. She called her former boyfriend "that psycho, George Zimmerman" and said several times that she should have known better than to get involved with him.

Zimmerman reportedly stayed holed up in his house with the TV blasting for two hours Friday while cops knocked on the door trying to arrest him. According to the AP, he only left the house when officers agreed to let him stay on the phone with his lawyer while they questioned him.

The unnamed ex-girlfriend becomes the third woman to accuse Zimmerman of domestic violence in recent years. He has been arrested twice for behaving violently with women but no charges have ever been filed against him.

[image via AP]