When a woman found out her husband was cheating on her, she decided to hit him and his mistress where it hurts: right in the local Walmart.

Beverly Rolston, 45, told police she made posters showing her husband having sex with a former friend of hers, and then put them at the Middletown, Ohio, store where the woman worked. On each one, she wrote "Hide your Husbands," along with a "vulgar phrase" that police didn't disclose.

Security video shows Rolston posting the nude pics inside the Walmart, although it's not clear how she got them in the first place.

Rolston has pleaded not guilty to one count of pandering obscenities. Her husband admitted to the affair.

Update: The Smoking Gun obtained the police report from the incident, along with Rolston's booking photo.

The report doesn't contain photos of the posters, but it describes photos of "a female with exposed breasts performing oral sex on a man." And the vulgar phrase that police wouldn't say out loud? "Number one dick sucker."

[H/T: NY Post, Photo Credit: vvoe/Shutterstock]