Left: AP, Right: ABC 7 Chicago

Ever since last week’s National Enquirer story, people have been buzzing about the fact that multiple women have (allegedly) done sex with Ted Cruz—an outrageous and upsetting claim. But no one’s more upset than DePaul student Samantha Rivera. Samantha’s had to spend the past week insisting to the world that, no, she did not have sex with Ted Cruz.

The trouble started after a fake Twitter account using her photo and posing as an LA Times reporter posted the following tweet.

The reporter Jennifer Carr does not actually exist, and whoever was behind the account seemingly just used Samantha’s profile picture at random. As she told an ABC affiliate in Chicago, “This person was using my profile picture to pose as one of Ted Cruz’ mistresses. I was completely dumbfounded, you know, who would do this?” What sort of monster indeed.

Rivera has never actually met Ted Cruz, and it’s rude to insist otherwise. We wish her all the best in clearing her family’s name. Because truthfully, no one deserves to be sexually linked with Ted Cruz—not even his wife.