This is creepy as hell: A woman realized her house was broken into while she was home after she found the burglar's selfie on her cell phone the next day.

Late last month, a man reportedly broke into a suburban Denver home as its owner was putting her children to bed. The man didn't take anything and left behind only one clue: a selfie on the woman's cell phone.

The woman discovered the photo the next morning and called 911.

According to police, the man walked in the home's back door, took the picture, and then left. The woman said she didn't recognize the man but at least one neighbor told CBS Denver that he'd seen him before.

"Everybody else says they didn't see him but he looks familiar to me, I know I've seen him before," neighbor Richard Gardner told the news station. "He doesn't have glasses when you normally see him walking down the street. Maybe they're a disguise. I don't know."

Police are still looking for the suspect.

[h/t New York Daily News]