Police in Georgia are investigating a cruel prank at a Home Depot bathroom that resulted in a customer becoming glued to a toilet seat.

Illyanna De La Keur, 40, of Banks County, was apparently unaware that Loctite glue had been smeared on the toilet seats inside the store's ladies room before she sat down.

Attempting to lift herself off, De La Keur noticed that she had become stuck to the seat and was unable to move without ripping her skin.

The stay-at-home mom says it took up to 25 minutes for someone to come to her aid.

Emergency workers were called in to remove De La Keur from the seat, a process which took over an hour and was "really embarrassing," according to De La Keur.

She was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

De La Keur told WSB-TV she felt her extraction was mismanaged, and should not have taken place inside the store, but rather in a hospital.

"The bathroom is unsanitary," she said. "There were people in there. There were men in there. Everybody was sticking their head in. And here I am with somebody rubbing WD-40 on me and pulling me loose from the seat."

De La Keur says she is still recovering injuries she sustained during the November 27 incident and finds it extremely difficult to walk.

Authorities, meanwhile, are still searching for the culprit.

An open bottle of Loctite GO2 glue was discovered in a "brown paper sack" on the bathroom floor by store manager Mary Dean.

According to Dean, two other toilets seat were also covered in "what appeared to be some kind of glue."

[screengrab via WSBTV]