The AP reports a woman accused of digging up and rummaging through her father's grave in search of his "real will" said in a written statement that she dug it up "with respect" and that he "would be OK with it." Sounds like a pretty chill dad!

52-year-old Melanie Nash did not act alone when she allegedly visited her father's New Hampshire grave and searched through his remains—four people have reportedly been indicted in the case. Her intent, because she was not the beneficiary of anything in her father's will, was to find his "real will," which she believed her sister, Susie Nash, hid in the casket.

(She did not find it.)

According to the AP, Nash's lawyer is attempting to suppress her written statement, arguing that it was made before she was advised of her Miranda rights. Coos County Attorney John McCormick, however, believes Nash acted on her "free will" when she came to police and made the statement, waiving her Miranda rights.

In the June 11 statement, she allegedly confessed to meeting with several others in order to dig up her father's grave. She wrote, "All this was done for the right reasons and I know my father would be OK with it." And ended her statement by saying, "What we all did was to dig up my father's coffin, Eddie Nash, looking for documents. We did it with respect."

[image credit: Paul Maguire, Shutterstock]