Charlene Ellet made headlines last week after a shoplifting arrest turned into a possession-of-meth arrest which somehow culminated in her and her brother making out in jail. Now Ellet's back behind bars, this time for choking her husband (who is not her brother).

Just a few days after she was released from her bonds (the metal kind, not the brother kind), police were again called to respond to Ellet, who had put her husband into a choke hold.

"Apparently there was a dispute over a cellular phone at the location and the male reported that the female assaulted him...She said he assaulted her, but deputies advised that his injuries were consistent with his report."

According to the police report, the two got into an argument in a motel room. The husband, whose name was withheld, had scratches, redness, and swelling that made it hard for him to talk.

They were at the same motel where Ellet told police she and her brother (who is not her husband) shared a room with her two young kids. Ellet's half-brother-from-the-same-mother told police that they would put up a partition or go into the bathroom so that the children wouldn't see them having sex.