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Meet Lacey Wildd, a 45-year-old mother of six, who's had "29, maybe 30" plastic surgery procedures including: 12 breast augmentations, two tummy tucks, three Brazilian butt lifts, illegal silicone in her lips (whatever that means), three full-body lipos, and an internal corset. She was profiled last night on TLC's My Strange Addiction. Of course she was. Highlights (the breast of Wildd, if you will) are above. They include Wildd's "jack-o'-lantern" trick that exposes several boob veins.

Lacey, whose plastic-and-proud attitude has gotten her plenty of ink (The Daily Mail has referred to her as a "glamour model"), spent most of the episode discussing her size LLL breasts (she's up from her natural AA). Here is what she looked like before she took on the appearance of someone who'd replace Amanda Lepore on a sitcom between seasons (she's the Cindy to Lepore's Chrissy, or maybe the Terri to Lepore's Cindy):

The episode found Wildd considering a "breast expansion" to a QQQ, which would find her furiously heaving bosom doubling in size. "Doctors don't want me to do it," she said. "Doctors tell me, 'You've gotta worry about your ribs caving in. You gotta worry about your skin not being able to handle it.' If it's just because, 'There's a possibility you could die,' I'm still gonna do the surgery." With good reason, her kids express disdain for their mother's surgery, since it could, you know, kill her.

If Wildd's attitude seems selfish and negligent, don't worry—Wildd took to Twitter to clarify:

In the end, she met with a plastic surgeon who told her that doubling her breast size would destroy her chest forever. He described her chest as a "ticking time bomb." More like two bombs resembling those that you'd see Boris and Natasha carrying on a Bullwinkle cartoon. Wildd told him she'd proceed with "caution." She lied.