When you hear about people eating at a nice restaurant every night, you might return to your half-frozen Hot Pocket in resentment and disgust. But if that person is 103-year-old Harry Rosen, it kinda just warms your heart.

Profiled in the New York Times, the former office supply company owner explained that ever since the death of his wife five years ago, he's been eating dinner at a circuit of nice restaurants in upper Manhattan, always somehow finding company.

“Maybe because I’m eating alone at my age, people at other tables start conversations,” Rosen told the NY Times.

The article continues:

Yes, he tells them, he lives alone, in a modest studio apartment on West 57th Street in Manhattan, and he always eats dinner out, always orders the fish.

“They always ask my age, and I often lie and tell them I’m 90,” he said. “If I tell them my real age, it becomes the whole subject of conversation and makes it look like I’m looking for attention, which I’m not.”

Born in what's now the Ukraine, Rosen was a witness to the Russian Revolution, and came through Ellis Island with nothing. He attributes his longevity to "sleeping on his back." And he's still looking for love, ladies.

Mr. Rosen said he would like to find a regular dining companion. A recent six-month fling with a 90-year-old woman he met at synagogue did not work out.

“I’m still open to meeting someone,” he said, his eyes twinkling as he prepared to order coffee and dessert. “I still have the desire. That’s what counts.”