Smutty sex imp Miley Cyrus just can't keep her tongue in her mouth. Her latest attention-hungry stunt involves licking a sledge hammer in the just-released video for her power ballad "Wrecking Ball." And if the suggestion of objectum sexuality is not enough to get your panties in a bunch, consider that for much of this video, Cyrus isn't wearing panties at all! The nerve of some one-hit wonders' children.

Elsewhere in this sexual and cultural pornog, Cyrus appropriates demolition tools (problematic) and actual human emotion by crying what have to be fake tears (extremely problematic). There is a motif of white in this video (Cyrus' giant teeth, her nails, her background, her underwear when she even bothers to wear them), perhaps a sly acknowledgement of Cyrus' white privilege. But is she acknowledging it enough? Is she saying exactly the thing that I would be saying if I were a controversial pop star naked on a wrecking ball during a power ballad? No, she is not. And for that she is wrong and, I'll remind you once more, highly problematic.

Just kidding. It's just a dumb "sexy" video.